Waste and environment

EVIL, Ltd. in field of environment protection provides the following actions:

  • initial assessment of the subject from the viewpoint of environmental protection (initial inspection of operation, familiarity with current compliance with the legislation applicable in the field of environment and drafting measures to remedy any weaknesses in terms of development and environmental protection)
  • ensuring compliance with obligations arising from the provisions of the section:
      • waste management,
      • water protection,
      • air protection,
      • environmental damage,
  • preparation of conceptual materials (waste management plan and preparation of documents to ensure the fulfillment of the objectives of the waste management, operating rules for the storage and handling of substances harmful to the environment, the operating rules of the recovery and disposal program of major industrial accidents represent the entity before the authorities public and state administration, the implementation of legislative supervision, ...)
  • processing of statistical data in the field of waste, packaging, water and air,
  • submission of proposals to ensure fulfillment of the obligations arising out of the various legislative provisions and compliance with the conditions of the individual decisions of state authorities,
  • suggesting measures to remedy the deficiencies,
  • if necessary for carrying out work by authorized persons (ensuring an appropriate method of collection, recovery or disposal waste, develop expertise, ...) submission offers with concrete proposals,
  • provision of professional consultancy in the field of integrated prevention and control of environment pollution.


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