Occupational health service

EVIL, Ltd. provides for jobs of 1. and 2. category under the occupational health service the following activities:

  • preparation of a preliminary audit of the medical oversight of working conditions,
  • drawing up the initial analysis of the state of health of employees,
  • assessment of factors and environment at work and the manner of execution of work in terms of their potential impact on the health of employees,
  • assessment and categorization of the health risks that may threaten the health of employees,
  • suggesting measures to reduce or eliminate existing health risks,
  • monitoring of all legislative changes in the field of occupational health service and timely information on any measures resulting from changes in legislation,
  • providing professional consultation in the field of occupational health services,
  • keeping records of medical examinations of employees for the purpose of assessing medical fitness for work,
  • periodic review of health risks.


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