Instructions for work - Login of organizations


E-learning allows fast and efficient education of employees in the workplace. In the section,, Login of organizations " you can register. Fill in the required information. If your registration is successful, continue to order training. After that we will send you to Your e-mail address registration confirmation e-mail, containing the codes for the trainees and deposit invoice. One code is used to log one employee to passing one training and as a login information for login all employees will serve e-mail address you provided during registration. Information on successful completion of training each employee You will receive to e-mail.


Instructions for working - Entry to training ( course of training )

  1. In the section  „E-learning ", click to field Entry to training. Then fill in the required information (Password - the access code received in the order confirmation) that you received from your employer.
  2. After successfully logging on to the training, you need to fill in your identification data and choose the training that corresponds to the type of your profession.
  3. After that You can study selected topics that will be displayed on the left. Topics are following each other chronologically and need to be studied in a specified order. Themes you can not to skip.
  4. The first theme is always "General topic". It is necessary to click on it so that you can view the images. To browse them you can click through the arrows - the previous or next.
  5. The duration of the General topic is 40 minutes. After the time expires you will see field Continuous test. Click on it and answer the question which continuous test to offer. The duration of training is individualized according to the needs of the employee, can be identified only minimum duration of study one topic. Successful completion of the continuous test is a condition for continuing their education.
  6. After studied General topic and completion of continuous test to access the next topic, which is also to be studied before passing continuous tests. Number of topics depends on the type of training and chosen profession. Duration of training is individualized according to the needs of the employee, can be identified only minimum duration of study one topic.
  7. Each employee has steadily during the study possibility to contact the trainer by phone or by submitting your questions online using the form in the "Contact your trainer".
  8. As an help and support learning tools are always available laws, regulations and ordinances, which study refers to and staff member may at any time to study them. All are available in the "Legislation and Regulations".
  9. After successful completion of all training topics, the employee may proceed to the final test. To pass the training have to be answered 75% of questions correctly.
  10. Successful completion of the final test is the completion of training.
  11. Upon completion of the final test is required to print, sign and transmit it to the employer. Information on successful completion of individual employees training will be receive employer to e-mail.
  12. Records of training, confirmed by the company EVIL, Ltd. will be delivered to the employer.


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