Electronic information systemE-learning for OHS and FP

Keep your business safe from the threat of fires. We will help you.

Safety at work is the duty of every employer.

Documentation of waste treatment and consulting.

Take care about health of employees is the duty of every employer.

Security project or directive - preparation, audit and implementation.

Are you checking and reviewing regularly every technical equipment in the company?


The modern form of education means time savings and greater efficiency.

We offer to our clients an electronic system to control their own businesses.

EVIL, Ltd. is your reliable partner since 1998.

Since the beginning of our company we have carried out hundreds of training, prepared a number of directives, projects and complex security solutions.

Since our inception we became stable market player in the field of fire protection and occupational health and safety.

We are the only one who offer to our clients a unique information system in which it is possible to see the real situation of OHS, FP and other duties that are required to comply with the company.

We are here to help you to fulfill your business goals without workplace accidents or sanctions.
We help you to grow safely.

EVIL Company, Ltd., located in Košice was established in 1998 in order to provide services in the field of ensuring occupational health and safety and fire protection.

With growing years of work the company began to expand its range of services for services such as occupational health services, inspection of fire extinguishers and technical equipment, supply of hydrants and portable fire extinguishers, personal data protection and labor law advice.

Based on many years of experience the company EVIL, Ltd. developed online learning system (e-learning) and information system for management operations OHS, FP and hygiene requirements. 

The company with its services and its quality has got many customers over its many years of activity, as evidenced by its long representation in Slovakia.


Our task is:

  • to ensure the activities in occupational health and safety (OHS)
  • to ensure activities in fire protection (FP)
  • to ensure activities in the field of environment
  • to ensure activities in the field of occupational health service
  • to ensure checks and inspections of fire extinguishers and hydrants
  • to ensure inspection of technical equipment
  • to ensure activities in the field of personal data protection
  • to ensure activities in the field of labor law advice


All these activities the company EVIL, Ltd. are carried out by professionally qualified staff who constantly follow the changes of laws, decrees and regulations so as to ensure the workability of the system of fire protection, occupational health and safety, environment, occupational health service.


EVIL, Ltd.

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040 01 Košice


Phone: 055//625 98 43

Email: info@evilsro.sk

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